All entry money must be paid by the start of round 1.

All tips must be submitted via the website by the start of Qualifying at each round. Each round there will be an event created on Facebook which will show the start time of the actual race and Qualifying start time will be listed within that event. In the event of the website being down submit tips via email to [email protected], Facebook or Trent’s mobile number which will be provided to all entrants.


SEASON: Before the start of round 1 Each person is to select 1 driver and 1 team who they think will win the 2016 World Drivers Championship (WDC) and World Constructors Championship (WCC).

RACE: Each round you must select a Driver for Pole Position, and 3 different drivers for the race. The emphasis is selecting your 1st driver to finish 1st, 2nd in 2nd and 3rd in 3rd.

Each of the 3 drivers will be weighted differently in points. Points are as below:


* 5 Bonus points will be awarded for tipping a Perfect Round of Pole, 1st driver 1st, 2nd in 2nd and 3rd in 3rd.

Maximum round points for any round is 67 points for a perfect round including bonus points.



A “Round Jackpot” has been introduced to try and add a bit of spice to each round as well as keep the comp interesting for those that may find themselves out of contention before the end of the season. WDC and WCC points do not contribute to the weekly jackpot scores if they are won mid-season by a driver or team.

As the flow chart explains the Jackpot will go to the highest scoring tipster as long as they are the sole highest scorer. If there is joint highest scorers the money will jackpot to the following round.


In the event of the jackpot not being won in the final round a count back will occur:

  • Total points since last jackpot was paid.
  • If they are still locked on points the money will be split



If you forgot to tip for any race during the season prior to the start of the qualifying session, you will be given your Pole, Driver 1, Driver 2 and Driver 3 selections from the previous race. However, you will only receive HALF POINTS (rounded up to nearest full point) and you are ineligible to win the jackpot for that round. The best advice is to tip early and then re-tip if you decide to change your selections. There is no limit to the number of times that you can change your tips prior to the cut-off.


In the event of final tipping positions also finishing in a draw the following count back will occur in a similar way to the actual WDC & WCC are decided.

Countback stages will be as follows, until a winner is decided:

  • Total number of perfect rounds selected
  • Total number of times selecting 1st, 2nd & 3rd in correct order
  • Total number of times selecting 1st, 2nd in correct order & pole
  • Total number of times selecting 1st, 2nd in correct order
  • Total number of times selecting 1st & pole
  • Total number of times selecting 1st
  • If still equal the money will be split


1st: $TBA

2nd: $TBA

3rd: $TBA

In the event scores are still tied the money will be split in the following manner:

With 1st and 2nd tied on points, 1st and 2nd prize money would be combine and split evenly.

The same process would apply for 2nd and 3rd place finishing tied, and also if 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are tied.

A tie involving the most minor place (currently 3rd) will result in that money being split between all involved.

Note: Pending final numbers, 4th and/or 5th may receive prize money.  This will be declared at the commencement of round 1, once final numbers are known.



At the end of the day, this is a bit of fun.  All final rulings to be made by Trent. 😉

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